Stingray Music

Montreal, Canada

Appstore Optimization

  • Improved keyword rank from #300 to #50.
  • Raised downloads from 0 to 10,000/month.

 Pay-per-click ads

  • 1 year PPC campaign for 4 music brands.
  • Over $125,000 in ad spend.
  • 115% to 272% ROAS depending on brand.


Prior to 2018, Stingray Music had been primarily a B2C business, selling music TV channels to operators across the US and Canada. In 2018, inspired by the growing mobile app market, they decided to build direct-to-consumer versions of their products in the form of mobile apps.

Strategic Plan

To develop a profitable plan for user acquisition, Stingray leveraged its powerful data infrastructure to develop profiles based on its most active app users. Advertising mainly on Facebook, Google, & Apple Search Ads, we served ads based on users’ musical interest, driving the user to a 7-day trial. A customer journey of welcome emails, push notifications, and in-app messages pushed content suggestions.



By optimizing our advertising and in-app user experience, we reached a conversion rate of over 9% resulting in a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of $43 and a net profit of $17 per acquired user for Stingray Qello. For Stingray Music, a free app with ad revenue, we achieved a CPA of $0.65 with average revenue of $1.12 per user in its first quarter, with revenue increasing over steadily time as more advertisers flock to the platform.

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