Focus on your craft. Leave the shameless promotion to us.

You became an architect so you could leave your mark with beautiful and functional designs. It wasn’t so you could spend your time in HTML or writing quirky tweets. Let us handle that for you.

Content Marketing

Share your work style through engaging social media and blog content. Whether it’s your latest project, news, or your critiques of other projects.


Use targeted ads directed at homebuyers in your area to reach clients who otherwise would never reach you.

Web Design

Show off your most amazing projects with a beautiful portfolio that’s easy to update. Provide a central place for clients to reach you and give feedback on your work.

A Collaborative Approach to Design

We’re guessing you probably learned a thing or two about design in your five years of architecture school. At 24 North, we’ll work in collaboration with you to make sure your new site represents your own unique personal style.

A Focus on Accountability

Most small businesses don’t have a big marketing budget. Our goal is to make sure your every dollar is well spent. We do that by carefully tracking all of our activities and optimizing based on your business’ unique challenges.

An Integrated Strategy

We’re jack-of-all-trades; we focus on all areas of digital marketing, which means your email marketing strategy will be compatible with your paid ads and your website. A strategy that’s seamless and easy-to-maintain.    
Andrew Benteau

Andrew Benteau

Founder & Digital Marketing Manager

“I have five years of experience in digital marketing, having worked in various industries in Canada, US, and France. After forming 24 North Marketing in 2017, I began concentrating on small businesses and professionals like authors, designers, and architects. I manage a small team of freelance professionals to help you leverage technology to grow your small business.”

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