Park Avenue Psychotherapy

New York City, USA

Website Design

  • WordPress Site Construction
  • Analytics & A/B Optimization.

 Pay-per-click ads

  • Google AdWords Campaign.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • 500% return on ad spend.


In 2017, Patricia Haddon decided to open her own psychotherapy practice after completing her formal training. She needed a website to attract clients to the new practice, a local business listing so people could find it, and an email service with a contact form so she could be reached.

Later, after a decline in business during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, Park Avenue Psychotherapy needed a way to bring in new clients for virtual therapy.


Strategic Plan

After building a simple WordPress site at, including information on the practice, therapist profiles, and a contact form, 24 North set up official email accounts for PAP with GSuite, with HIPAA-certified security measures to make sure sensitive client emails can never be compromised.

In order to attract new clients during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, 24 North built an insurance provider-centred campaign on Google AdWords with keywords like “online counseling blue cross blue shield,” “online psychotherapy services,” and many more.


Although the campaign started off with zero conversions, through A/B optimization of the homepage we were able to increase conversion rate to almost 10%. 

With the knowledge that clients at the practice have, on average, a total value of $2,100, we installed conversion tracking mechanisms and bid to acquire new clients for an average cost of $410, resulting in an ROI of over 500%

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