Johnny Welsh, Author

Colorado, USA

Website Design

  • WordPress site with visual builder.
  • E-Commerce Platform.


Prior to 2018, author Johnny Welsh had published only one book, Weedgalized in Colorado: True Tales from the High Country. His website, a static design built on Wix, represented only that book, and didn’t allow customers to buy it online. By 2020, Johnny had written and published a total of three books. He needed a new website to represent his personal brand as an author, where fans could engage with him directly, and where they could purchase his growing list of books.

Strategic Plan

Because Johnny needed an inexpensive site with a high degree of customizability, we decided to move from Wix to WordPress with a visual builder theme included. This way, he pays only for hosting and his domain, amounting to about $7/month compared to $17/month with Wix. He also got a sophisticated e-commerce solution included for free.



Today Johnny receives over 1,000 visitors per month on his site, and over 30% of his sales happen on the site. He’s able to make changes to the site on his own, while maintaining many of the custom features that help his business function.

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